A stablecoin you can trust

The governance, security, structure, and transparency of the DRAM Trust form the cornerstone for the token's lasting independence, stability, and intrinsic value.

Our Pledge to Transparency

Our smart contracts have undergone extensive cybersecurity assessments conducted by two leading firms, Consensys and Peckshield. The results of these evaluations are made publicly available on their respective websites.

Smart contract addresses


DRAM Trust, as the governing body, offers a comprehensive governance and compliance framework that spans diverse geographical regions and emerging technologies, instilling trust in the DRAM stablecoin as a global medium of exchange. DRAM Trust proactively identifies, manages, and mitigates market, regulatory, and technology risks.



DRAM Trust stands out in the competitive landscape of stablecoins due to its formidable moat, built on years of experience, strong regulatory relationships, rigorous compliance, and a commitment to transparency. DRAM is designed to weather the volatility of the crypto market by maintaining a conservative reserve backing, conducting transparency audits, and upholding robust governance, eliminating potential points of failure.

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DRAM Trust prioritizes staying ahead of evolving global regulations through continuous monitoring of changes that may impact our operations and maintaining an open dialogue with relevant authorities. Our compliance approach is based on a strong foundation aligned with current guidelines, ensuring strict adherence to the law. Additionally, our adaptable framework enables effective responses to future regulatory shifts, reinforcing our commitment to compliance complexity and transparency.

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We employ a comprehensive approach to address potential issues. Regular external audits, community-led scrutiny through our bug bounty program, and proactive testing help identify and rectify smart contract bugs. Oracle failures are mitigated by using decentralized data feeds from reputable providers, complemented by manual verifications as a backup. Network congestion is managed through transaction fees and timing SLAs to hedge against high traffic volatility. Our cybersecurity measures are enhanced by leading tools and frameworks to protect against threats, ensuring user and asset security.

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Discover how to mint, buy, sell, and trade DRAMs in this whitepaper, and learn more about our commitment to bringing transparency and stability to digital currency.

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