DRAM is a stablecoin, backed by the AED.

Together, we are reshaping the future of digital currency for everyone everywhere.

Our strength lies in the AED's time-tested peg to the US dollar for the past 25 years, reinforcing the intrinsic value of DRAM as an attractive store of wealth. The unwavering macroeconomic, social, and political stability of the UAE further solidifies DRAM's foundation.

Governed by Hong Kong Law, DRAM Trust maintains transparency to ensure credibility with stakeholders, encompassing banking partners, customers, and regulators. This includes real-time independent audits of reserves, full transaction visibility, and a transparent framework outlined in the User Agreement.

DRAM is a versatile ERC-20 token, ensuring swift transfers and compatibility across various platforms, including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance (BEP-20), and side chains, making it highly efficient as a medium of exchange

DRAM Trust, overseen by an independent trustee and managed by experienced practitioners, has created a governance framework for continuing security, structure and transparency, the bedrock of the DRAM token's last independence, stability and value.

Our Mission

Blockchains are the answer to a single layer ‘plug-and-play’ global settlement network.And stablecoins are the avenue to this democratized form of ‘e-cash’, in a world wheredigital currencies can universally empower everyone.We believe that DRAMs are the gateway to a balanced, equitable and decentralized financialecosystem that is accessible to everyone globally.

Our Strategic

DRAM Trust has partnered wtih DTR since its establishment in 2023and works closely towards its goals of full transparency while scalingthe token's adaption globally.

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